Having someone who is interested in helping me tap into the power and strength already in me, helping me connect more deeply to who I am and what I want has made the biggest difference to me.

Sarah W.

Chicago, IL

Haja K. Brooklyn, New York

I have never felt as confident and excited as I do now to move forward in my professional life.

I knew what I wanted the next step in my career to be but I was unclear and unfocused on how to get there.

This roadblock stemmed from multiple factors such as insecurities, fears and lack of a mentor.

Now I feel ready to make a major step in my career.

My personal life is improving daily as I’ve learned to communicate with my partner in ways I have never done before.

Kim C. Berkeley, California

I felt seen and held in conversation with Inbal, and from this space real transformation is possible.

I reached out to Inbal initially because I felt stuck and uncertain about next steps, and needed support with knowing and trusting where to relax and let go.

Inbal’s deep, consistent encouragement to think about myself first, and helping me find ways to cultivate trust in myself and the Universe have been transformative.

Our work together really supported me to give myself permission to pause, and tend to myself, and to release self-judgment.

Tina H. Hermosa Beach, California

After working with Inbal, I felt empowered and strong.

When we first started working together, I was quite confused with my feelings and emotions about what I wanted for work, home and life.

Boundaries have always been difficult for me.

Now, after working with Inbal, I have a greater sense of where I stop and others begin.