I help professional women assess and realign their life direction so they are living on their own terms.

Often I guide women who are unhappy with their job and want to find a new role or improve some aspect of their current work situation.

Sometimes it involves finding a new position, but often it is about shifting directions or changing their professional focus so that their work feels aligned with who they are now.

We do this while also finding time to prioritize their personal life (and sometimes also their passion-work in the world).

Inbal SansaniCareer Strategist and Life Coach for Professional Women


From Guilt & Overwhelm to Confidence & Agency:

7 Myths About Boundaries & How to Set Yourself Free Without Letting Anyone (or Yourself) Down

Learn what often trips us up when it comes to setting and upholding personal policies + what to do instead so that you feel strong and empowered... instead of resentful, angry, or disappointed.

Life at 30+ & 40+ Feels Lackluster

What we did in our 20s to create joy, meaning, and set ourselves up for “success” in life often doesn’t work anymore when we get to our 30s or 40s.

You’re super smart and exceptionally capable, and so it’s likely especially frustrating for you that this crossroads feels so challenging – because you’re used to being able to figure things out on your own.

And you ‘should’ be able to, right? 😉

You are self aware enough to know that on the outside you appear confident and accomplished...  but on the inside it is a different story.

Your life may feel like your life is a house of cards that is precariously balanced – and the joy, passion, and purpose you once had for your future feels very distant.

Your Life Path From Here Feels Unclear or Even Frustrating

When you arrive at a crossroads in your life and the path forward seems disheartening, you're likely also feeling...

  • Overwhelmed, or underwhelmed, at the options available;

  • Fearful, worried, or concerned you’re going to make the wrong choices;

  • Anxious, or incredibly stuck, and unsure about how to decide;

  • Angry, or even secretly enraged about how things have unfolded;

  • Doubtful, or ambivalent that making minor or targeted changes will have any impact at all.

Although I do have clients for whom a life overhaul is the aligned path forward, often it doesn’t need to be so extreme.

Because you’re feeling that way...

You might also be numbing out with habits, activities, or ‘busy-ness’, you know are not in your best interest, but having trouble stopping yourself.

  • Overwork
  • Indulging in Food/Alcohol
  • Excessive Exercise or Strict Diets
  • Incessant Checking of Social Media/Email
Legitimately, ‘life-ing’ can be a lot.
Sometimes simply BEing (rather than DOing) is hard.

With all of this at play, it can almost feel easier to settle for the status quo rather than make changes. 

However, although the status quo might feel easier now, or for a while, living with this uncertainty, worry and maybe even dread, has a lasting impact.

At some point you see more clearly how much you’re really carrying mentally and emotionally every day, and how long it has been going on – and you know you do not want to continue down the path you’re on.

Imagine If Your Life Felt More Clear,
and Aligned With Your Values & Priorities

What if you had clarity on:
  • What you were responsible for, so that you could actually prioritize appropriately and in alignment with your values?
  • Strategies for being more proactive, rather than reactive, so you’re less at the mercy of other people’s whims and more focused on your own priorities?
  • Your own behavior patterns (both “good” and “bad”) so that you could be more discerning and less prone to self-sabotage?

Inbal Sansani - Life Coach for Women

About Me

I’m a former litigator and humanitarian aid worker for over a decade, who transitioned to coaching after my own pivot point: Realizing that despite how much my work mattered to me, my need to be needed was standing in the way of my health, job and life satisfaction.

Whether you feel it yet or not, carrying this emotional uncertainty also has physical and spiritual effects.

I help you integrate all of the parts of yourself and your life toward wholeness.

Pushing Through & Doing the 'Right Things'
But Never Feeling Satisfied

My clients often find themselves struggling with similar patterns. Does this sound like you?

Pushing through; forcing yourself to do what’s expected
  • Dismissing and ignoring your feelings, needs and desires
  • Berating yourself in hopes of 'improvement'
  • Obsessing, worrying, ruminating
Doing all the ‘right’ things, even though they often did not feel right
  • Getting another degree or job
  • Hyper controlling one area of life (e.g. exercise, work, spending, sex)
  • Working harder or more than necessary to prove yourself
Repeating the same patterns even though you know better
  • Dating individuals who you know aren’t a good fit for you
  • Staying in toxic work environments hoping they will change
  • Buffering with food, alcohol, drugs, sex, TV, etc.

Deep down, you know you are settling for less than you want & deserve.

Past Client Experience

Inbal and I work together, as opposed to a one-sided.

Inbal never tells me the answer... she questions me so that I reach important conclusions about my work or my ability to handle and manage my work well, on my own.

Emily L.  //  San Francisco, California

Having someone who is interested in helping me tap into the power and strength already in me...

...helping me connect more deeply to who I am and what I want has made the biggest difference to me.

Sarah W.  //  Chicago, IL

Coaching with Inbal is an empowering process that teaches you to understand yourself better.

...and therefore feel more connected or conscious with how we lead our lives.

Alice J.  //  Istanbul, Turkey

Discover the 3 Most Common Myths About Boundaries

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