About Me

Hi, I'm Inbal.

I’m a former litigator and humanitarian aid worker for over a decade, who transitioned to coaching after my own painful pivot point: I realized that my need to be needed was standing in the way of my health and life satisfaction.

Although my job focused on life-saving work, because I was so burnt out ultimately my lack of boundaries and tendency to over give was blocking me from fulfilling my purpose and thing that matters most: ending violence and making a positive impact on the lives of women and girls.

I did not recognize, or even really like, who I had become.

I realized I was both too young and too old to not start honoring my whole self—I deeply wanted to integrate the professional work I felt passionate about with a real, amazing, fulfilling life—which is ALWAYS a work in progress.

Quick facts about my background and interests...

  • Former Litigator
  • 10 years in Humanitarian Aid
  • Immigrant & Eldest of 4
  • Loves Dancing

My approach centers on the belief that...

If you never figure out how to create your own version of success...
that is based on your own values...
– and learn to trust yourself –
then you will always be overworking, and stuck in a cycle of anxiety and burnout.

(Ask me how I know! 😉)

When Your Definition of Success is Mismatched With Your Values

You will never actually have agency in any aspect of your life. Instead you will only experience mounting responsibility without authority

If you’re unhappy in your current job or career track, I can help you to take more control of your professional life so you can have the whole life you actually want (not the one you “should” or "ought" to want).

I support professional women going through transitional seasons.

I can help you unravel what is working, and what’s not, and develop a path forward that gets you excited about your whole entire life. YES, your job and your work in the world – and everything else.